Despite the significant challenges the IoT sector faces due to the pandemic, we can see the remarkable achievements of Tuya IoT. You may learn more about Tuya IoT by reading the latest news. 

Tuya Smart Trends Shaping the Future of IOT Industry in North America  

Amid the challenging IoT environment brought by the pandemic, we can still see that Tuya Smart has continued to create a huge impact in the industry. It does not only see a growing trend in itself but also to its clients.  According to a study by Strategy Analytics, worldwide consumer expenditure on innovative home solutions is expected to decrease in 2020 because of the effect of the pandemic. Still, it will then rise in 2021 and hit USD 173 billion by 2025. 

Tuya Smart Launches Tuya Beacon to Empower Intelligent Transformation Across all Scenarios

Award-winning Bluetooth technology has been unveiled byTuya Smart, the top IoT cloud platform in the world. The following communication techniques are offered by the Tuya Smart Bluetooth connection: point-to-point, mesh, and broadcast. Also, it offers chip platforms, including Bluetooth modules, and stocks a variety of Bluetooth modules. 

Products Empowered by Tuya Smart Design Win iF DESIGN AWARD 2021 and Red Dot Design Award 2021  

Tuya Smart is celebrating the new developments made possible by its industrial design team, who were both honored this year as recipients of the iF DESIGN AWARD and the Red Dot Design Award. Clear statements of differentiation with the WL2 Smart Camera and two voice remote controllers were found in the device’s design and style. The WL2 Smart Camera was just awarded the Red Dot Design Award, which it will compete for again in 2021 with the Voice Remote Control. 

Tuya Smart Releases an All-In Bluetooth Development Capability  

World’s top IoT Cloud platform for Bluetooth innovations: Tuya Smart (TUYA) With Tuya Smart, you can either connect via Bluetooth mesh or utilize point-to-point and Blancooth. She is notable for the following:  vast array of modules and systems providing capabilities is what sets its  apart. 

Tuya Smart Trends Continue to Rise in North America Despite Unprecedented Challenges  

During a pandemic, many North American companies, BAZZ in particular, and SATCO Products Inc. (which is better known as SATCO), provided smart home products to the market as quickly as possible by using e-commerce through the support of Tuya Smart. 

As Pandemic Eases, Smart Trends Take off in North America

In North America, Tuya Smart saw great success in the IoT sector. Businesses are experimenting with new ways of working. They are thinking of ways to go back to their physical job or do business remotely in North America. As a result, companies have decided to offer more flexible work ways and have thus fueled the growth of IoT devices. Customers now have more time available to them, but they choose to use that time to discover new home technologies. 

Tuya Embraces a Growing IoT Market in North America as Pandemic Eases  

Amid the pandemic, Tuya Smart get a big leap in the IoT Industry, as North American managing director Fritz Werder says. Additional proof of Tuya Smart’s ability to assist companies in this vital market sector may be seen in the rising number of smart home users. There has been a rise in the demand for intelligent technologies this year. 

Tuya Smart Sees Upward Smart Trends in North America as Pandemic Restriction Eases  

Tuya Smart embraces growing trend in North American IoT. It has benefitted both the brand and its consumers. Many businesses examine their work patterns, choosing whether to return to in-office employment, work remotely, or take a mixed strategy. Work-from-home and IoT gadget usage has risen as a result of the pandemic. Consumers are spending more time at home and enjoying the conveniences provided by smart home technology, a trend that seems to be here to stay. 

 Tuya Smart Continue to See a Growing Smart Home Technology Market in North America  

Tuya maintained its high level of performance and development despite severe market difficulties. This implies that Tuya Smart can help companies throughout this time of transition. This group will become more important in the second half of 2021, when we will have our first in-person team meeting in almost a year.