Plumbing crises can occur at any time and can be a major annoyance when they do. If plumbing problems like burst pipes, overflowing toilets, and other plumbing-related problems aren’t fixed very away, they can seriously harm your home. It’s crucial to have a trustworthy emergency plumbing service on hand in such circumstances. We shall examine the top plumbers in Singapore emergency services in Singapore in this article. 

1. Mr Plumber Singapore 

For more than ten years, Mr. Plumber Singapore has provided the people of Singapore with dependable and trustworthy emergency plumbing services. They provide both residential and commercial premises with a variety of cheap plumbing services in Singapore including installs, repairs, and maintenance. Mr. Plumber Singapore is constantly on call to deal with your plumbing difficulties because of its round-the-clock availability. A problem can be immediately identified and a workable remedy can be offered by their team of skilled and licensed plumbers. 

2. The Plumbing Experts 

Leading emergency plumbing company The Plumbing Professionals has been in business for more than 20 years in Singapore. They offer a variety of services, such as water heater repairs, drain cleaning, and pipe repairs. Their staff of skilled plumbers is on call around-the-clock to handle your plumbing emergency, and they promise a prompt response. The Plumbing Professionals is a dependable option for your plumbing requirements with a dedication to client satisfaction. 

3. SG1 Plumber 

SG1 Plumber is a reputable emergency plumbing company in Singapore that provides a number of services, such as pipe repairs, drain cleaning, and water heater repairs. They have a group of qualified and professional plumbers who are on call around-the-clock to handle your plumbing issues. SG1 Plumber is a dependable and effective option for all your plumbing needs because to cheap prices and a dedication to quality service. 

4. Plumbers 911 Singapore 

Another reputable emergency plumbing company in Singapore is Plumbers 911, which offers prompt and effective plumbing solutions for both residential and commercial premises. Among the many services they provide are pipe repairs, drain cleaning, water heater repairs, and others. Plumbers 911 Singapore offers the skills and knowledge to manage any plumbing emergency with a team of professional and insured plumbers. 

5. HDB Plumbers 

A famous plumbing company in Singapore, HDB Plumbers focuses on providing emergency plumbing repairs for homes. They provide a variety of services, such as water heater repairs, drain cleaning, and pipe repairs. HDB Plumbers has the ability and knowledge to manage any plumbing issue thanks to its staff of certified and insured plumbers. They are a trustworthy and effective option for your plumbing needs because they are readily available around-the-clock and have quick response times. 


Finding a trustworthy emergency plumber services might be difficult, but having one on hand in case of an emergency is crucial. The five emergency plumbing services described above are reliable and trustworthy options, well-known for providing quick and efficient plumbing solutions in Singapore. Whether a pipe bursts, a drain gets clogged, or a water heater breaks down, these firms have the experience and knowledge to tackle any plumbing issue.