There is an increase in the need for Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) in most of the developing countries. The reason being the busy schedules of people working in different sectors who are unable to balance both the work-life and daily chores. But if you are confronted by an unfortunate situation at home that raises your expenditure graph you know that it was a mistake you did not get maid insurance. It is necessary to insure your maid for saving yourself and the maid and get some financial cover. Here are some ways in which maid insurance can help you:

Covers Medical Expenses

Various companies that provide insurance but no one allow you an opportunity to save money even on insurance like HLAS insurance. You can choose from a variety of coverage available such as the Basic, enhanced, Premier, exclusive. Your maid can get up to $1000 for medical expenses in case of emergency; this will save you the money. Even the basic insurance coverage will help your maid with financial assistance during medical emergencies. You will not have to pay for the medical expenses during her tenure as a maid at your home.

Surgeries or Major Operations

Your maid’s life is as important as yours if in an unfortunate event your maid has to undergo surgery due to any medical conditions the insurance will provide financial cover up to $80,000 per year. The money could save her life therefore, it is necessary to get insurance for your maid to help her as an employer. This can not only bring a sense of security to your maid but the trust that the maid has on you will also increase.

For Termination and Re-Hiring Expenses

As an employer, your worst fear is your maid terminating her tenure due to some issues such as an accident or permanent disability. You will have to pay some money for the re-hiring process and that can be heavy on your pockets. But with the maid insurance, you get up to $600 for the procedure. You can use that money for paying the agency fee that means even you will be benefited from insuring your maid.

In Case of Demise of Your Maid

This can be very emotionally exhausting but life has to still go on. As an employer, you have responsibilities such as giving some financial aid to the maid’s family but due to this unexpected event, you are left clueless. Here is where the insurance comes into play it will cover up to $60000 for the sudden death. This is very crucial if you are going through a financial crisis.

Permanent Disablement

If your maid has a medical condition or an accident results in a permanent disablement the insurance will help your maid to cover an expense of up to $60,000 per year. Even if the accident happens at your residence the insurance will cover the maid’s expenses you do not have to worry about paying a hefty fee at the hospital. The insurance can not only help you save money but also the families of the maid in time of trouble related to the health condition of the maid. You cannot completely depend on the insurance yet the insurance will lift off a burden from your backs.

What if Your Maid Runs Away?

This can be a potential problem but some of the insurance companies have got your back. In case your maid runs away and you have paid security bond promising to take care of the safety your maid and now you are answerable. In case this scenario happens you will have to make reports and go through a plethora of procedures that will be tiresome. But if you have maid insurance it will be quite easy for you to not pay the sum of money.

HLAS insurance can help you get the maid insurance according to your budget they one of the leading online insurance companies and you will not regret investing your money for your maid insurance. The company caters to the needs of the employer and the cover that the employers want for their maids. They provide a plethora of insurance schemes you can visit their websites for more details. Now that you know the advantages of getting maid insurance it is better that you insure your helper in order to provide the protection that you can give as an employer. Additionally, the helper of the home must be treated well as they help you with your daily chores and help you balance your work life. As an employer, it is your duty to be responsible for the well being of your maid and making them feel at home. When you insure your maid it indicates that you care for them too.